What is Separation Pathways?

Take this quick video journey to learn how we can help with your separation or divorce.

The benefits of Separation Pathways are clear!



• Not-for-Profit Service
• No Surprise, Flat-Fee Pricing
• Pay-per-Step Along Your Path


• Move at Your Own Pace
• Save Time
• Avoid Long Legal Battles


• Experienced Mediators
• Responsive Customer Service
• Additional Support as Required

Let Us Help You Navigate
Your Unique Pathway

Step 1: Begin Your Journey

Each of you completes our online intake form
so we can better guide you along your path.


Let's Learn more about you!

We ask each of you to complete our short intake form after which a professional mediator will contact each of you to discuss next steps.
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Step 2: Chart Your Path

It starts with our Separation Planning Meeting - 2 hours with the Family Professional that is most appropriate for your unique situation.


Separation Planning Meeting

For just $399 / couple , we help you prepare the necessary information – minimizing costs & time – and help decide the best method for you both.

Yes, Book My Separation Planning Meeting

Step 3: Mediation

Continue down your path with one of three specialized, affordable Mediation options and we'll credit you back ($200) of your Separation Planning Meeting.


What's the right path for you?

Mediation is based on your unique situation including
Child-Focused Mediation, Financial / Property Mediation, or Comprehensive for as low as
$1249.50 / pp. or $2499 per couple.
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Step 4: Optional Legal Review

These recommended last few steps of your path will lead you to a legal Separation Agreement


What is a Legal Review

A professional lawyer, will finalize your mutually agreed to memorandum of understanding leading to a legal separation agreement, and then assist you in completing the necessary divorce forms.
Yes, we're ready for Legal Review

Free Consultation

A cost-effective path to a Separation Agreement!

How is Mediation different than going to court for a Divorce?

  • A mediator is a trained family professional who acts impartially to assist both parties to reach a resolution that meets their needs, voluntarily, and with minimum conflict. 
  • If there are children, parents need to cooperate indefinitely after separation or divorce, so it is important for everyone, and especially for children, to minimize ongoing conflict.
  • Choosing mediation means that a resolution can be reached more quickly, with less stress, and at a greatly reduced cost as compared to going to court.

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