Who is Separation Pathways?

A friendly, professional, Not-For-Profit organization for separating families to find
Cooperative, Affordable, Timely, and Supportive Family Mediation Options without going to court.
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Dr. Barbara Landau
Judith Huddart
Beatrice Traub-Werner
Doug Lamb
Tom Dart
Anne Sayers
Katie Mayerson

At Separation Pathways, we firmly believe that separation and divorce can be a smoother journey. Instead of the costly and exhausting court battles that often leave individuals drained and frustrated, we’ve envisioned a more effective approach.

Our organization was established by a dedicated team of family mediators, lawyers, psychologists, arbitrators, social workers, and financial experts, all recognized leaders in their respective fields, boasting over 200 years of collective professional experience.

As a non-profit organization, our core mission is to provide accessible, affordable family mediation services that are characterized by cooperation, timeliness, and unwavering support. Our commitment is to offer you a better way through these challenging times.

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