How It Works

Our Process!

Here at Separation Pathways, we work with separating couples who are interested in a cooperative, out-of-court separation process and who are both ready to proceed with mediation. We know that this is a challenging time, and we want to make this as easy on you as possible with our simple 4 step process.


Step 1: Intake Questionnaire

Once you have completed and submitted the very brief intake questionnaire on our website, one of our fabulous Intake Workers will give you a call. During this individual and confidential call, the Intake Worker will gather some basic information, screen for safety, and make sure that we can help you. Once you have both completed the intake process, you are ready to move on to Step 2.


Step 2: Separation Planning Meeting

Once both of you have completed the intake process, you can book your Separation Planning Meeting. This meeting is attended by both of you and takes about two hours. We handpick a highly skilled and experienced mediator for you from our extensive roster.

At this meeting, the mediator will gather more detailed information, facilitate the two of you to clarify what will need to be resolved, and determine whether either or both of you would benefit from additional support services before or during your mediation process.

The Separation Planning Meeting is also an opportunity for you to take the mediator for a test drive. After the meeting, you will receive your personalized separation plan which highlights the best mediation package for you, the documents you will need to gather, and any referrals as needed.


Step 3: Mediation

Once you have received your separation plan, you are ready for mediation. Most people choose to continue with the same mediator from step 2, but we can also assign you someone new.

Separation Pathways is a non-profit with a focus on offering affordable accessible, high-quality services. All of our mediation packages have flat fees so there are no surprises.

Once you purchase your mediation package, your mediator works with you to facilitate the process of the two of you resolving the outstanding issues of your separation.

Each package includes a set number of hours, but if you need to go slightly over, you can purchase an additional hour or two à la carte.

At the end, you receive a written copy of the resolutions that you reached called a memorandum of understanding.

Some people stop here. However because the memorandum of understanding is not a legally binding document, most people choose to continue on to step 4.


Step 4: Legal Review

Separation Pathways works with family lawyers who believe in what we do and trust our process. As a result, they offer their services to us at a reduced rate, and we pass these savings on to you.

The legal review process begins with your memorandum of understanding from step 3 being turned into a separation agreement. You will then each be assigned a lawyer who will review the separation agreement and provide you with independent legal advice. This is to ensure that each of you understands and is comfortable with the separation agreement before you sign it.

Once it is signed by you both, it is a legally binding document.