June 23, 2023


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How to get a legal separation in Ontario

Going through a family separation can be confusing and overwhelming. We spoke with Dr. Barbara Landau, a well-known lawyer, psychologist, and mediator, who created Separation Pathways to help families navigate this difficult process. Separation Pathways offers a structured, accessible, and affordable process for families to find a resolution while keeping everyone safe. In this article, we’ll summarize the main points Dr. Landau shared about the process of Separation Pathways.

Making Sure Everyone is Safe and Identifying the Main Issues

When you visit the Separation Pathways website, you can start the journey towards resolution by having a free consultation or answering a short online questionnaire. These initial steps help assess any safety concerns – because the well-being of everyone involved and a peaceful process are very important. Within two business days, a qualified professional will have a free intake call with you to understand the main issues in your case. These issues usually revolve around family law, parenting plans, finances, and dividing property.

Personalized Planning and Lower Costs

After the intake call, you will be directed to a separation planning meeting with a professional who is a good fit for your situation. Separation Pathways emphasizes affordability by offering fixed, low-cost packages. By encouraging cooperation between both parties, the financial burden is shared, making the costs more manageable. All the professionals associated with Separation Pathways have agreed to lower fees, recognizing that 85% of people can’t afford mainstream services.

Customized Solutions and Support

During the separation planning meeting, a personalized plan will be created that addresses your specific issues and challenges. The meeting also covers gathering the necessary information. Separation Pathways offers fixed-cost packages designed for parenting plans, finances, property division, and comprehensive solutions. It’s important to consider the children’s perspectives as well. This helps parents reflect on their actions and decisions, focusing on what’s best for their children.

Easy Access and Guidance

Separation Pathways takes a holistic approach to support families throughout the process. The cost of the planning meeting is included in the selected package, acting as a down payment to start the chosen services. Additionally, each family is assigned a navigator at no extra cost. These navigators are like case managers who provide guidance and support when complex issues arise. This helps address the common confusion and lack of knowledge about the legal processes involved.


In a world where the court system can be slow, Separation Pathways offers hope for families seeking efficient and peaceful resolutions. This innovative approach provides a clear path, ensuring safety, promoting cooperation, and reducing financial strain. With personalized solutions, comprehensive packages, and valuable guidance, Separation Pathways empowers families to navigate separation with clarity and confidence.
Dr. Landau has brought together a group of experienced experts, including lawyers, financial advisors, and child specialists, who offer couples a thorough and cost-effective network of support whenever they need it. This collaborative team handles all aspects of separation, such as legal matters, finances, emotional well-being, and creating co-parenting agreements.

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